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About Us

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Sigmatek Technical Consultancy Ltd. is a service provider company within the tobacco industry specialized in the field of cigarette manufacturing equipment, automation and management systems.

Company was founded in 2009 in Izmir/Turkey with the aim of providing high quality service and support to its customers in all phases of cigarette production. Sigmatek Ltd. provides the best in class technical consultancy to its customers with its specialized human resources having over 20 years of invaluable knowledge and experience in the industry. Detailed understanding of our customer’s business and its objectives allow us to create value-added services by suggesting the right solutions and management systems for continuous improvement and efficiency.

Since the day one, Sigmatek have been providing operational and maintenance support and technical training to the local and international cigarette manufacturers in tobacco industry. We are proud of our contribution to increase our customers’ production performance and equipment reliabilities.

We are also in auto electronics business in order to provide up to date technologies to the market.

Our vision is to support our customers with the highest technology and best in class service to increase their efficiency, performance and quality

Our mission is to acquire, transfer and maintain the high technology services and instruments to the global market for all kind of manufacturing or maintenance processes.

Whether as customer or employee or someone else, human being is the biggest asset for us. Safety, quality, performance, environment and society are the values that form our lives to serve human beings.