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What We Do?

What We Do?

We are offering solutions


We use our expertise in service for our customers in different areas;

Technical Assistance
We give technical assistance for production or maintenance on cigarette manufacturing equipment.

In order to increase the performance of the cigarette production machinery or to upgrade the knowledge and skill levels of your technicians, our specialist trainers can provide on the job technical support, guidance or coaching to your technicians.

We can maintain your machines together with you or on behalf of you.

We can plan, offer, do machine modifications to increase safety, quality or efficiency of the manufacturing machinery.

Temporary Manpower Supply
We can provide temporary operators, fixers or technicians to fill the headcount gap due to vacation, sickness or in the period of peak volume demand.

Technical Training
We can deliver to new or current employees operator or mechanical training by our expert trainers who delivered trainings professionally in their previous and current jobs.

Our technical training portfolio covers wide range of makers, packers, filter machines and also primary machines.

Machine subassembly specific trainings (mini class trainings) for rebuilt or revision, improve the efficiency of your technicians and machines.

Although these courses have standards programs we can re-arrange the training program according to the knowledge and skill level of the participants and expectations of your factory.

Technical Interpretation
Written translation of technical documentation of production machines, equipment or instruments are done by our engineers. Real time interpretation also can be done for trainings or meetings.

We are distributing and delivering training on the auto electronics parts, especially auto diagnostics kits.